Fertility and IVF Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has a long and successful history of improving fertility and conception.  By creating optimal conditions in your body and improving your health, you can increase your chances of successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.

How can acupuncture and Chinese medicine improve fertility?

  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Improves sperm parameters
  • Regulates hormones and reduces stress
  • Improves ovarian function and endometrium
  • Improves blood flow to ovaries and uterus
  • Lessens uterine contractions after embryo transfer
  • Aids relaxation

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a natural adjunct therapy to support and assist the body during IVF cycles. Treatments are gentle and aimed to support you physically and emotionally during this difficult time, without interfering with your medical treatment.

The main objectives of Chinese Medicine prior to and during IVF are:

  • Improving ovarian function which equals better quality eggs and strong, healthy embryos
  • Regulating oestrogen and progesterone levels, thereby thickening the endometrium to provide an optimum environment for implantation
  • Strengthening the bodies' energy and reducing stress
  • Decreasing uterus contracts which improves the implantation process and can help prevent miscarriage

Acupuncture can be used at any stage before, during and after your IVF cycle. An outline of recommended treatments are below (usually weekly):

  • Before and during medical phase - this can help increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus which can improve follicular development, thicken the endometrium and assist implantation. Acupuncture is also beneficial for any side effects like headaches, moodiness, anxiety etc
  • After egg collection - Acupuncture can help calm down the body and mind after this procedure, aiming to reduce any swelling or local trauma and provide an optimum environment for the embryo's arrival
  • Day of embryo transfer - Studies have shown that acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer (usually before and after transfer) can significantly increase rate of pregnancy. It can help reduce uterine contraction and increase blood flow to nourish the uterus and embryo
  • At any stage during your cycle - Acupuncture can assist with the myriad of physical and emotional changes that can arise during this time. At the clinic, I aim to provide a relaxed and nurturing environment where you can take some time out and maximise your IVF chances

For free advice and more information on how acupuncture can treat and assist your condition please contact Belinda today.